Hyperspace Treatment


6-Pack Jack is laying in bed, staring up at the ceiling. The camera is above him, slowly zooming in on his tired-looking face.

Voice Over

This is Jack. You know him as @6-packJack. @6-packJack is a fitness guru, a social media god, and a recently-published, online cookbook author. He inspires 10s of thousands of followers everyday to get in shape. But, not the kind of shape he’s in.

The scene cuts to the clock. It’s 2:00pm. The scene cuts to a dirty, disheveled room. The camera pans over clothes that have been flung over an armchair, and a half-eaten piece of cake on the bedside table.

Voice Over

The man is a complete mess. It’s 2:00pm and he still hasn’t moved. And… is that… Is that cake, Jack? (Disappointedly)Jack… Of course, you wouldn’t know this side of him. You didn’t even see his online cookbook.

The camera shifts the Jack’s left side and Jack rolls over, looking past the camera. He slowly takes a look at the clock on his bedside table, but doesn’t seem too concerned that it’s so late. Instead, he takes handful of the leftover cake and starts eating eat.

Voice Over

No. You only see the pics you fave of his washboard abs, his weekly workouts, and carb-free avocado bowls. You don’t realize that he’s got a blog to manage, (the Voice Over gets faster) a website to keep up-to-date, a social media audience to influence, a full-time job a to do and one thou—

The camera shifts to the foot of Jack’s bed and he slowly sits up and starts to rub his eyes.

Voice Over

Excuse me, 999 sit ups to do… He may be strong. Like, really strong, but he’s just one man. And this man is stressed. It’s too bad Jack doesn’t know about Hyperspace.

Jack slowly swings his legs over his bed, picks his phone off the side table, the camera shifts and we can see all the notifications. He drops the phone and slowly walks into the bathroom and closes the door behind him

Voice Over

If he had the Hyperspace App…

The scene instantly shifts from Jack’s bedroom to Jack at the gym, acting as a personal trainer. Everything is brighter, the scenes cut faster, and we see his actions following the Voice Over.

Voice Over

…He could have shared his business card digitally with this guy at the gym. House every single one of his social media accounts on the same app. And all of his followers, including you, would have known about his recently-published recipe book. And there you would have been, drinking his pumpkin spice protein shake.

The scene cuts to someone drinking the pumpkin spice protein shake.

Guy Drinking the Protein Shake

This is actually pretty good.

Voice Over

And Jack wouldn’t have shut himself in the bathroom, to avoid the cameras and the serious sadness that no one knows about his recipe book.

The scene cuts, along with the VO, to the shut door of Jack’s bathroom. Graphics come over the bathroom door that say:






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April 4, 2019

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